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Let Them Fight or Bring Them Home!” is the blog of John Bernard, a veteran with 26 years service in the U.S. Marines.

In his latest post, he bemoans the lives lost in Afghanistan due to the extremely misguided policies of the leftists who have been running things in Washington.  He takes the policymakers to task for their complete lack of understanding of Islam and what motivates Muslims. It is a sad, realistic, frustrating missive — and then, in the last few paragraphs, it suddenly changes tone:

Enter Colonel Allen West. Colonel West, soon to be Congressman West, has been selected to serve on the House Armed Services Committee. Given the content of his campaign speeches and especially those dealing with this particular issue, it is apparent, for the moment, that he could be the greatest ally our Warriors have inside the Beltway; someone knowledgeable of the military, the battlefield, Islam and with the tenacity of a dog with a bone. My encouragement to Colonel West is to never forget ‘your first love’ and never forget that an appointment inside the Beltway by reason of a won election is first, foremost and always, service. You must never forget that service comes with a cost to the one serving – and always be prepared to pay the price.

You will be dragged out and scourged as a hate-monger.

You will be reviled by those of lesser character and lesser understanding of the issues.

You may find yourself only serving one term because the electorate is fickle and largely without intestinal fortitude.

Compromise is the forte of the unprincipled and in this case will get Warriors killed – for political gain as it has been doing for far too long!

You will, however, be held in the highest esteem by the only group that really counts right now, especially during a time of war and that is, the Warrior community. Those who have chosen to put their collective backsides where their beliefs and hearts lie are in the end, the only ones that matter because their lives are the only ones truly at risk for the benefit of us all.

You can, in fact, be the one person in that miserable place we have dubbed ‘the Dark City’ that can turn this around and in the process, save lives – American Warrior’s lives and maybe, just maybe, in the process hand to the American people the one thing they have forgotten counts in time of war; a victory.

God Speed!

Semper Fidelis;

John Bernard

My dear patriots, we need to stand with Allen as he stands with our brave warriors!


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Our man got his committee assignments for the 112th Congress on Friday.

He’ll be on the Armed Services Committee and the Small Business Committee. Yesss!!

Obviously, West’s 22-year career experience in the military will be a huge asset to the Armed Services Committee — and thus, to our national security. We the People appreciate that!

Other than national security, West’s biggest issue has been restoring the American economy. He is passionately committed to easing the tax and regulatory burdens that make it so hard for businesses to survive, let alone grow and create new jobs.  His assignment to the Small Business Committee will give him tremendous opportunity to help us in that area. We the People appreciate that!

West has not had personal experience with small business as he obviously has had with the armed services, but his wife, Angela, has an MBA and is a financial planner, so (as those of you who are married know) he cannot help but have picked up a lot about business over the years! In addition, during both his 2008 campaign and this year’s campaign, West put a lot of effort into outreach to small businesses, and did a lot of listening to business owners.  We know that he is one sharp fellow — one of those bright minds who processes new things very quickly and then retains it all.  He will do just as excellent a job on the Small Business Committee as he does at everything else he applies himself to!

By the way, have you noticed that everyone from Fox to CNN to the Huffington Post has been covering Allen West since November 2? I think it’s safe to say he’s had the most media exposure of any freshman Congressman.  And he’s not even sworn in yet!  Come January 3… oh, this is going to be good!

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