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Afghan women are living in fear that they are about to be returned, once again, to the Dark Ages of misogynistic terror. The Asia Sentinel reports:

The report Wednesday from Washington, DC   that US President Barack Obama has set in motion a substantial withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan is hardly good news for Afghanistan’s women.  Withdrawal of 10,000 NATO troops is expected by the end of the year. Women in the country are hearing rumors that talks with the Taliban are already taking place in secret…. Women risk losing liberty, education and employment if the fundamentalist Taliban were to win a significant place in the Afghan government.

The presence of foreign troops has caused significant issues, too. For example, a recent errant NATO strike killed at least nine women and children. But women say this tragedy should not be used as a reason for a troop withdrawal. The Taliban are responsible for the majority of civilian deaths during the war and intolerable abuse of women.

In May, Safia Siddiqi, a women’s activist and former member of the Afghan National Economy Committee, said on a national radio broadcast that nothing had improved for women in rural areas and that women need each other and the international forces to attain peace and security.



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While the nation was busy obsessing over Anthony Weiner’s private parts, we missed what should have been by far the more important story: his wife, Huma Abedin. As deputy chief of staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — and by many accounts, her closest aide — Huma Abedin is privy to many state secrets. This is disturbing because Abedin’s immediate family members are more than tangentially involved in the Islamist cause. Not just Muslim. Islamist. As in: militant Islam. The enemy. In plain English: Someone with close ties to our enemies has an extremely high-level position in our State Department. Hello? Anyone awake?

According to Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack writing at Pajamas Media, Huma Abedin’s mother, Saleha Abedin, who lives in Saudi Arabia, is a member of the Muslim Sisterhood (also known as the International Women’s Organization), the women’s arm of the radical, terrorist-spawning Muslim Brotherhood. In addition, Huma’s brother, Hassan Abedin, has worked to promote the Islamic agenda from his base at Oxford University.

Oxford, which has long been infiltrated by Islamists who founded the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies (OCIS), has Huma’s brother listed as a fellow and partner with a number of Muslim Brotherhood members on the Board — including al-Qaeda associate Omar Naseef and the notorious Muslim Brotherhood leader Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi. Both have been listed as OCIS trustees. Naseef continues to serve as Board chairman.

A report from 2007 identifies Naseef as the likely force behind the Abedin family’s abrupt departure from Kalamazoo, Michigan, to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, circa 1977 – the same year that the Muslim Sisterhood was established.

In 2009, Qaradawi’s role within Oxford and the Muslim Brotherhood was championed by the notorious Sheikh Rached Ghannouchi of Al-Nahda – a Muslim Brotherhood affiliate now active in Tunisia. OCIS has even presented an award for great scholarly achievement to Brotherhood member Shaykh Abd Al-Fattah Abu Gudda, whose personal history goes back to the Brotherhood’s founder, Hasan al-Banna.

Even the Sunday Times acknowledges that the cradle of Islamic jihad — Al-Azhar University — actively attempts to establish links with OCIS, where Huma’s brother serves.

Huma’s brother, Hassan, has also worked on projects with Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, whose goal is “spreading Islam to the west.” Alwaleed bin Talal  is one of those Saudi princes who has credibility with many in America because of his personal connections, philanthropic donations, and investments (notably, he owns seven percent of NewsCorp, the parent of FOX News, making him the second-largest individual shareholder). But meanwhile, the prince gives huge financial support to radical Islamist groups masquerading as “moderate” — including the Cordoba Initiative (Ground Zero mosque), CAIR, and the Islamic Development Bank (promoting shariah-compliant finance, which inherently and by design promotes the spread of shariah).

Was Huma unaware of all this as she accompanied Hillary Clinton to the Dar El-Hekma women’s college in Saudi Arabia? Huma’s mother is co-founder and vice dean at the college and an active missionary on issues regarding Muslim women.

I got so confused while trying to make my way through the tangled web of connections that I had to make a diagram — somewhat simplified — to keep it all straight. (In case you’re wondering, the dotted line from Weiner to Hillary is there because of Hillary’s support — at least, until recently! — of Weiner’s political ambitions. Bill Clinton was even the officiator at Weiner’s and Abedin’s wedding.)



In 2008, Dr. Mumen Muhammad wrote about why Huma vowed to stay with Hillary even if the latter were to lose the presidential nomination to Obama:

Abedin assures in press releases of her continuance on the path with Hillary Clinton, even if Clinton failed as a candidate. The candidate’s aides and other influential figures in the Democratic Party assure that they do not disregard Abedin running for election or taking her position in the political arena with the help in successive political administrations of the Clinton family itself [emphasis added].

Hillary Clinton signed a document less than one month prior to her trip to Saudi Arabia with Huma that lifted the ban on Tariq Ramadan, allowing him entry into the United States. (Ramadan is the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hasan al-Banna, and has ties to Islamic terrorist groups.) The Clinton family played a key role in promoting Fethullah Gülen, the extremely powerful Turkish imam and notorious Islamist conspirator, as he fled Turkey for the United States after attempting to overthrow Turkey’s secular government. (He was indicted on this charge in 2000.) In 2008, the former president heaped praise on Gülen, giving him a clean slate. Gülen has been given refuge and has even had sermons aired on Turkish television during which he explained to his followers how to best seize power from the Turkish government:

You must move in the arteries of the system without anyone noticing your existence until you reach all the power centers… until the conditions are ripe….Until that time, any step taken would be too early — like breaking an egg without waiting the full forty days for it to hatch. [emphasis added].

Gülen expressed this sentiment in another sermon as well:

The philosophy of our service is that we open a house somewhere and, with the patience of a spider, we lay our web to wait for people to get caught in the web; and we teach those who do [emphasis added].

 Serving with Huma’s brother as an Oxford Centre trustee is Abdullah Gül, Turkey’s [current] president himself. [Gül, who poses as a moderate but has strong Islamist roots] considers himself a follower of Fethullah Gülen, according to Wikileaks.

Besides the Abedin family’s numerous Islamist connections, another thing that raises red flags is the lack of Muslim outrage over Huma’s marriage to a Jewish man. Given how well-known the Abedins are in the Islamic world (and in the Islamist world), how is it that Huma was able to marry a non-Muslim, which is absolutely prohibited in Muslim law? Even in the West, there have been “honor killings” of girls from Muslim families for dating a non-Muslim, much less marrying one. (Note: A non-Muslim woman is allowed to marry a Muslim man — because the man is dominant in Islam. However, the reverse — a Muslim woman, such as Huma Abedin, marrying a non-Muslim man, such as Anthony Weiner, is absolutely forbidden by shariah because such an arrangement puts a non-Muslim in a position of dominance over a Muslim — which, in Islam, is intolerable.)

Since the penalty for such apostasy is death, why has Huma not been the victim of an “honor killing”? Ex-Muslim Walid Shoebat offers two possible explanations. One is that Huma and her family are using taqiyya — the obligation of a devout Muslim to lie and dissemble when dealing with non-Muslims in order to advance the greater cause of Islam. That would mean that Huma has been given a “pass”  in service of the greater Islamist/Muslim Brotherhood goal:  to infiltrate the highest levels of our government.

A second possible explanation is that Anthony Weiner might have converted to Islam. This is not as unlikely as it sounds at first blush, especially given that Weiner was raised as a secular Jew. New York imam Omar Abu-Namous, a close associate of Ground Zero mosque imam Faisal Abdul Rauf, encouraged Huma, in the wake of the recent scandals, to stand by her husband — but such advice would not be expected from an imam if Huma were in fact married to a non-Muslim.

As corruptive of our culture — and fraught with the potential for political blackmail — as Anthony Weiner’s peccadilloes have been, they pale in comparison to the potential dangers created by his wife, Huma Abedin, being a top, trusted aide to the Secretary of State of the United States.  Can you say “Alger Hiss“?

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“Judenrein” was the ghastly word used by the Nazis to describe areas “cleansed” of all Jews.

It appears that there is a large and active contingent of people in the Middle East who would like to make it “Christenrein” — rid of all Christians. Catholic News Service describes the ongoing nightmare:

An Iraqi archbishop spoke of “near-genocide conditions” for Christians in his country and said those fleeing violence were straining resources in other parts of the country.Archbishop Bashar Warda of Irbil, Iraq, said part of the problem was the country’s “weak constitution, which tries to please two masters.”

“We are living in a region which cannot decide if it is for democracy or Islamic law,” he said March 16 at news conference sponsored by the Catholic charitable agency Aid to the Church in Need.

Archbishop Warda criticized “neighboring governments feeding insurgents with money and weapons to destabilize the Iraqi government” and said the rest of world’s governments had “turned their backs on us, as if the human rights abuses and near-genocide conditions Iraqi Christians experience are temporary.”

Archbishop Warda said that since the U.S.-led occupation of his country began in 2003, more than 500 Christians had been killed in religious and politically motivated violence.

Between 2006 and 2010, 17 Iraqi priests and two bishops were kidnapped and beaten or tortured. One bishop, four priests and three subdeacons were killed.

“In most cases, those responsible for the crimes stated they wanted Christians out of Iraq,” the archbishop said.

Referring to the “systematic bombing campaign of Iraqi churches,” he said 66 churches had been attacked or bombed; in addition, two convents, one monastery and a church orphanage also were bombed.

Iraq’s Christian population has dropped by more than 60 percent in the last 20 years, from approximately 1.4 million then to about 500,000 now — and even that figure is “highly optimistic,” according to the archbishop.

“The past is terrifying, the present is not promising, so everything is telling us that there is no future for Christians,” Archbishop Warda later told Catholic News Service.

Describing the situation in the Middle East as “boiling,” he said Christians in the region “expect another war” due to the instability in so many countries and the ongoing tensions between Shiite and Sunni Muslims.

“In many countries, the situation for Christians seems to be worsening, sometimes to the point that we wonder if we will survive,” he said. He added that the place of Christians as one of the original inhabitants of the Middle East had been “wiped from collective memory.”

The Chaldean Christians of Iraq are one of the oldest continuous Christian communities in the world, having common roots with the Assyrian Church of the East, which dates back to the 1st century A.D.

The Christian community in Egypt also dates back to the 1st century A.D. Tradition has it that St. Mark the evangelist was the first to preach the Gospel in Alexandria and founded the church there during the reign of Roman emperor Claudius, around 42 A.D. This ancient Christian community has been persecuted ever since Muslim armies swept through North Africa in the seventh century — but persecution has worsened since the downfall of Mubarak.

I wrote here several weeks ago about Egyptian Army violence against several communities of Christian monks. In that post, I expressed bewilderment as to why the Army, as opposed to the Muslim Brotherhood, would be attacking unarmed Christians. Many Christians, both here and in Egypt, had hoped that the Army might stand between Christians and the Muslim Brotherhood.  We were dreaming. From the Pakistan Christian Post:

There is now no doubt there is an unholy alliance between the military and the radical Muslim Brotherhood. It has become crystal clear that the young, educated secular activists who initially propelled the non-ideological revolution are no longer the driving political force. The Muslim Brotherhood with its link to the military is now dictating the future destiny of Egypt.

The hopes and aspirations of the young protestors, that the country would embrace secular democracy after the fall of the dictator Hosni Mubarak, suffered a major setback as the country went to the polls last week to vote on constitutional changes.

The proposed constitutional amendments put to the vote [on March 19] largely dealt with the articles of the 1971 constitution pertaining to presidential elections and the president’s term in office. The changes made no mention of the notorious Article 2, which states that “Islam is the religion of the State, Arabic is its official language, and the principal source of legislation is Islamic Jurisprudence (Shariah).”

The imposition of Article 2 on the debate was for the most part the handiwork of a treaty between the Salafist movement and the Muslim Brotherhood. While the Muslim Brotherhood control the political front, the Salafist movement has become its muscle on the street, they prohibit any political opposition to a Muslim ruler. Salafists hold strict and literalist interpretations of Islamic doctrine; they advocate the full veil and open hostility with non-Muslims, particularly Egypt’s large Coptic Christian community, estimated at some 10 million. They used anti-Coptic incitement to sway the referendum. Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist’s were among the fiercest advocates of the “Yes” vote, declaring it a religious duty for all Muslims. “No” campaigners were portrayed as Christian and secularists “enemies of Islam”. Rather than confront the radicals, the majority of eligible voters abstained with only 41% of potential voters turning out for the referendum.

Pamphlets and advertisements were published, “It is ‘un-Islamic’ to vote “No”, this angered the youth who asserted, “that Islamists and Salafists were pushing their agendas through religious manipulation instead of political participation, this is our revolution and we will protest again.”

Upon the declaration from the youth, the Brotherhood quickly swung into action, to prevent further protests and demands for a new referendum on the constitution. The ruling military approved a law banning and criminalizing any future strikes, protests, marches or rallies in the country.

Not only is the Army cracking down on protesters, they made it a point — in true shariah fashion — to particularly target female protesters, as reported by human rights group Amnesty International. From Elder of Ziyon:

After army officers violently cleared the square of protesters on 9 March, at least 18 women were held in military detention. Amnesty International has been told by women protesters that they were beaten, given electric shocks, subjected to strip searches while being photographed by male soldiers, then forced to submit to ‘virginity checks’ and threatened with prostitution charges.

‘Virginity tests’ are a form of torture when they are forced or coerced.

…According to information received by Amnesty International, one woman who said she was a virgin but whose test supposedly proved otherwise was beaten and given electric shocks.

Since shariah requires violence against women, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. What did surprise me was how quickly the Egyptian Army has moved to appoint itself the enforcer of shariah law.

And since shariah also requires persecution of non-Muslims, it was only a matter of time (but how short a time!) before we started seeing stories such as this one, from International Christian Concern’s blog Persecution.org:

Christian protestors who staged a nine-day sit-in calling for the rebuilding of a church torched by Islamists have come under attack by the Egyptian army.

According to a news release from Barnabas Aid, the demonstrators were reportedly shot at and struck with electric batons outside the state television headquarters in Maspero, downtown Cairo. Fifteen suffered injuries, including broken limbs, head wounds and burns.

The assault happened in the early hours of March 14 – two hours before an agreed suspension of the sit-in. Representatives of the demonstrators had met with Egyptian Prime Minister Essam Sharaf and members of the military council the previous afternoon to discuss their demands.

Barnabas Aid reported the army has said it will rebuild the church in Soul, which was destroyed on March 5. The demonstrators agreed to suspend the sit-in until March 25 to give the government time to fulfill its pledges.

Around 500 people were still at the site when military forces smashed the demonstration in the early morning hours. Barnabas Aid reported one of the organizers said the soldiers cut the wire fences and started running towards the people, shouting the Islamic war cry “Allahu Akhbar” (“god is great.”)

Thousands of Christians took to the streets of Cairo last week in protest over the attack on the village of Soul, 30 km from the capital, where Christian homes were targeted and the church destroyed by a mob of nearly 4,000 Muslims.

Barnabas Aid said on the evening of March 8, a Muslim mob attacked the Christian demonstrators around Mokattam [a garbage-collectors’ village; see my post about this inspiring community here], resulting in deadly clashes. Thirteen people were killed and 140 wounded. Witnesses have since said that they saw people being killed by the army, who were firing shots apparently to control the riots.

Every day that goes by demonstrates a little more how mistaken we were to think that the Egyptian Army would be independent of the Muslim Brotherhood, much less a restraining influence on them.

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Did you ever think you would see the day when the Virginia Military Institute would be celebrating jihad and the caliphate? Or when ROTC training would be partially in the hands of a foreign, Arab government? Such is life in the Twilight Zone that is the Age of Obama. From Big Peace:

Amid talk on Capitol Hill about defunding public broadcasting—and just after NPR was exposed as willing to take money from the Muslim Brotherhood—it turns out that a film produced by PBS already has. At 5:30 p.m. on March 23, a PBS-produced movie, Cities of Lightfunded by Arcapita, a shariah compliant bank supervised by a leading international supporter of jihad, Taqi Usmani—will be shown to America’s next generation of ROTC students and military leadership.

[Today], the [three-day] East Meets West conference celebrating the caliphate… [begins] at the Virginia Military Institute (VMI), known as America’s oldest state military school.

Cities of Light portrays Moorish Spain as an area of tolerance and mutual understanding. In actuality, the Muslim occupiers frequently persecuted people of other religions and made them pay a Jizyah, or tax to be levied on non-Muslims. [The film’s] donor, Arcapita, …is renowned for having Shariah bigshot Taqi Usmani on their Shariah advisory board. Usmani has explicitly advocated jihad against any non-Muslim state, even ones where Muslims are welcomed as equals and allowed to practice their religion without interference. [i.e., the United States of America!]

The Defense Department grant that funded this caliphate-celebrating conference at VMI is part of “Project GO” [Global Officers] — formerly the ROTC foreign language and culture program, but newly renamed by the Obama administration. But here’s the real shocker:  The Obama administration has delegated the management of Project GO to the International Institute of Education (IIE), a private entity that has as sponsors and partners several UAE entities including the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation, an arm of the ruling dynasty of the United Arab Emirates. (Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum is the ruler of Dubai.) For all I know, al-Maktoum may personally be a nice guy, but in no case can it be a good thing that decision-making power over an important part of the training of ROTC students all over the U.S. has been partially delegated to the decision-makers of the United Arab Emirates!

As to VMI specifically, there’s also a Muslim Brotherhood connection. Several entities associated with the conference have supported CAIR, an affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood.

In 2002 the Al-Maktoum foundation provided $978,031.34 in the form of a Deed of Trust for CAIR’s Washington, D.C. headquarters.  In 2006 UAE Minister of Finance Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum endorsed a proposal to build a property in the United States to serve as an endowment for CAIR.  And… another significant funder of that film [being shown today to our VMI cadets] was the Sabadia Family FoundationAccording to reports, the Sabadia Family Foundation was a major supporter of the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR). Over a 4-year period, the Foundation wrote $755,000 in grants to CAIR. And CAIR, according to the prosecution’s documents in the Holy Land Foundation trial, is associated with Hamas, a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Once again, the Obama administration has shown its first loyalty to be not to the U.S. armed forces that defend us from our enemies, but to those very enemies themselves.

Here’s the question:  Which of the several congressional committees who could claim oversight on these UAE-managed Defense Department ROTC Global Officer grants will investigate [how and why] taxpayers [have ended up] paying over half a million dollars for [VMI’s] celebration of jihad, the oppression of religious minorities and the Muslim Brotherhood?

Since they are Defense Department grants, sounds to me like this is a job for the Armed Services Committee, on which sits our champion, Allen West.

Please check here to see if your own Representative sits on this committee, and if so, contact him or her immediately!

Hat tip: Creeping Shariah

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You’ve probably heard about the New Jersey judge who acquitted a man accused of beating and raping his wife, excusing the man because he was a Muslim, and shariah (Islamic law) allows for this abuse.

Lest you think that this kind of lunacy is particular to judges in the left-leaning northeastern states, however, here’s news of an equally appalling case (and perhaps an even worse one, with respect to the precedent it sets) from — of all places — Allen West’s own state of Florida. From Investors Business Daily:

Hillsborough County Circuit Judge Richard Nielsen earlier this month ordered the use of Islamic law in a Tampa lawsuit over the control of a local mosque, the Islamic Education Center of Florida. Some $2 million in state funding is at stake.

Mosque leaders tried to resolve their dispute through an Islamic scholar, but the deal broke down. And the lawsuit was refiled. Now, in a bizarre ruling, Nielsen has taken it upon himself to find out whether these Muslim parties properly followed the teachings of their holy book [sic] during arbitration.

Here is the actual, strangely deferential language from the judge’s two-page ruling:

1. This case will proceed under Ecclesiastical Islamic Law.

2. Under Ecclesiastical Islamic Law, pursuant to the Quran, Islamic brothers should try to resolve a dispute amongst themselves.

Oh, good grief. Must we really refer to Muslims as “Islamic brothers”? When was the last time an American judge referred to two parties in a lawsuit who both happened to be Christians as “Christian brothers”? Or two Hindus as “Hindu brothers”?

3. The remainder of the hearing will be to determine whether Islamic dispute resolution procedures have been followed in this matter.

And when was the last time an American judge decided whether particular Catholics were rightly abiding by Catholic canon law? Or whether a particular Mormon congregation is appropriately following The Doctrine and Covenants?

Nielsen, an appointee of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, is treading on very slippery ground here. If he’s not careful, he’ll next be deferring to misogynistic Shariah law regarding probate and family law.

A wise judge would have dismissed the case, rather than trying to enforce the Islamic arbitrator’s award. He would have told the plaintiffs to go back and settle their dispute through their own customs — or file a new lawsuit based strictly on U.S. contract law.

Until then, he should have opined: “Don’t bring your religious baggage into my secular courtroom.”

Bottom line: A U.S. judge has no business deciding the religious legitimacy of Islamic arbitration. To do so, Nielsen will have to consult Shariah law, thereby legitimizing the very same barbaric Islamic code applied by the likes of the Taliban and the Saudi and Iranian religious police.

Such a local ruling may seem innocuous. But it’s the camel’s nose under the tent.

UPDATE: Turns out there’s a little more nuance to the case than I’d thought. I apologize for posting the above before I knew all the facts. From FOX News:

The two parties reportedly agreed ahead of time to use an imam and Islamic Law to resolve any potential differences through arbitration.

Legal observers say there are several cases in which agreements between two parties can supercede general laws in Florida — like when a couple makes a prenuptial agreement.

“What the judge has said is that he will apply the Islamic Law, because that is what the two parties agreed to in their arbitration clause,” Shahzad Ahmed, an attorney with NeJame Law Firm in Orlando, told the station. “This concept of agreeing to a different set of rules outside of state law is not unusual.”

UPDATE II: Nope, had it right the first time! While it’s true that the two parties had originally agreed to shariah in their arbitration clause. the whole reason the case was brought to court in the first place is that the arbitration broke down. Since the parties were then, as a last resort, bringing the case to a secular, American court, they were thereby implicitly agreeing to abide by secular, American law. Judge Nielsen is wrong to then order the two parties to resolve their differences using shariah, and make a secular, American court the decision-maker as to whether Muslim parties are following Muslim law. An American court should never rely on anything but American legal precepts. It’s especially galling that the Florida case involves the use of funds from the State of Florida, i.e., Florida taxpayers! From the St. Petersburg Times, via Stakelbeck on Terror:

The suit was filed by several men who say they were improperly ousted as trustees in 2002. The dispute may decide who controls $2.2 million the center received from the state after some of its land was used in a road project.

But attorney Paul Thanasides last week appealed Nielson’s decision with the 2nd District Court of Appeal, saying religion has no place in a secular court.

His client: the mosque.

“The mosque believes wholeheartedly in the Koran and its teachings,” Thanasides said Monday. “They certainly follow Islamic law in connection with their spiritual endeavors. But with respect to secular endeavors, they believe Florida law should apply in Florida courts.”

In other words, Judge Nielsen is more gung-ho to follow shariah than even the mosque leaders themselves!


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If you do one thing today to help save our country, please make it a phone call to your Congressperson to tell him/her to support Congressman Peter King’s hearings on homegrown Islamic terrorism in the U.S. and the radicalization of the U.S. Muslim community by jihadists and sharia promoters. (Congressional switchboard: 202-224-3121.) Or go to your congressman’s website, http://xxx.house.gov, where xxx is your representative’s last name, and email them a message.

Here’s a visual example of why these hearings are so necessary — a screenshot of the CAIR site taken in January 2011 (the image has since been taken down, under protest):

With people like CAIR encouraging Muslims to stonewall law enforcement, it’s no wonder that

[c]ops and federal agents agree with Rep. Pete King that they don’t get a lot of tipsters from the Muslim community – but they say that’s true of many other communities.

Counterterrorism and intelligence sources from the NYPD and FBI say law enforcement faces the same problem with the Mafia, drug cartels and the MS-13 gang. [Doesn’t it make you feel better about Muslim groups to hear them compared to…MS-13?!!]

“Criminals are criminals. It gets dicier because Muslim extremists wrap their work in religion, but the smokescreens, the silence and intimidation are similar,” an FBI source said.

“What’s different is the risk — the extent of the damage, the number of innocent people who can be hurt.”

King has outraged many Muslim-Americans by convening hearings into homegrown radical Islamists and claiming the community has stonewalled terror investigations.

If King is outraging people, he’s probably doing something right. But the pressures he must be facing are enormous. And for some reason — either ignorance, appeasement, or some combination of the two — King has assembled a line of witnesses that is rather disappointing. From Investors Business Daily:

The New York Republican [Peter King] blames the Council on American-Islamic Relations for creating a backlash against his hearings. Yet his Thursday curtain-raiser is bookended by witnesses who are staunch allies of CAIR, a group so shady the FBI director has blackballed it from outreach.

As House Homeland Security Committee chairman, King is giving a Muslim politician — Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn. — first turn at the witness-table mike. Ellison, who’s spoken at several CAIR fundraisers, has already tried to discredit the hearings as “a witch hunt.”

Worse, King gives the last word to someone who threatens to undermine his most explosive charge — that the Muslim community is not cooperating with law enforcement. That final witness, Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, claims Muslims have been “pivotal” in fighting terror.

“I don’t know what King is hearing,” said Baca, who’s also appeared at CAIR fundraisers. If he “has evidence of noncooperation, he should bring it forward.”

That will be tough: King has impaneled none of the “cops or FBI agents on the ground” who he insists have been telling him “every day” that Muslims are withholding information. Without them, Baca threatens to steal the headlines.

Baca made headlines last year on the Hill when he angrily defended CAIR against FBI charges it’s a terrorist front group. When a lawmaker pointed out that the Justice Department had designated CAIR an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terror-financing case in U.S. history, Baca shot back: “CAIR is not a terrorist-supporting organization.”

CAIR’s L.A. chapter is listed on the sheriff’s website as a partner. Among other things, CAIR gives mandatory two-hour Islamic “sensitivity training” to new cadets at the sheriff’s academy. This is the same CAIR that recently posted a flyer on its own website urging Muslims to slam the door on FBI agents asking for information.

We’re told that the White House lobbied for testimony from Baca, who has decried what he calls “this constant uninformed chatter about religion being a factor in terrorism.” But why give him Day One billing?

….King’s staff [does highlight] other witnesses, including the uncle of a radicalized young Muslim who’ll testify his Minneapolis mosque instructed members not to cooperate with FBI investigators. While powerful, the public needs to also hear from law enforcement officials working such cases. (Interestingly, Ellison defended that same pro-jihad mosque.)

They have told the press that outreach to Muslim leaders more often than not proves a one-way street. About the only information investigators ever get involves complaints of “hate crimes,” not tips about jihadists.

“Many FBI officers have grown impatient with what they see as Muslim resistance,” the Washington Post reported in a front-page story published in 2007. “The Muslims are ‘in denial’ over the threat in their midst, one senior officer said, adding: ‘All they say is “There is no problem. Stop picking on us.”‘” Of course, homegrown Muslim terrorism is a major problem, with dozens more cases emerging since that article ran.

Islamist groups and leaders are shuddering over the prospect of King outing them on national TV. That’s why they’ve tried to shut down the hearings.

But their Democrat co-conspirators are running just as scared. The true nature and scope of the threat from radical Islam that they’ve worked so tirelessly to filter out from public view could finally break out into the open and make them look very bad.

King can’t cave to their demands. If he’s going to do this, he has to go all the way. That means producing witnesses who are authorities, not just citizens or activists, and can back up his charges with first-hand evidence.

Before we blame King for not “going all the way,” consider this from the New York Daily News story first cited in this post:

But even some anti-terrorism cops are worried that King’s push could backfire — by making moderate Muslims feel they are being scapegoated [thereby making them] more vulnerable to anti-American propaganda.

“When people hear ‘witch hunt,’ that can’t be good for us,” said an NYPD source.

King said he is aware he is treading on perilous ground and that an insensitive comment by a Homeland Security Committee member could be twisted into “official American policy” in jihadist propaganda.

Congressman King is doing his best to tread a razor-thin line not of his making. On one side, people such as the readers of this blog, who want him to do more — much more — to expose the terrifying extent to which shariah-promoters have infiltrated not only U.S. mosques, but our prison system, police forces, homeland security apparatus, military, universities, media, and local and national governments. On the other side, people — including in the federal government — from whom even mentioning the word “Islamic” in the same sentence as “terrorist” provokes raving hysteria. And indeed, King has been getting death threats from that side.

As anti-shariah patriots, though, we need to keep up the heat on Congressman King, while doing everything we can to support him in pressing forward into dangerous territory.

Along with calling your own Congressman, please keep Rep. Peter King and the other members and staff of his Homeland Security Committee in your prayers.

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At least two Protestant churches have recently opened their facilities to Muslim groups whose own buildings are either too small or under construction. From Fox News:

Heartsong Church in Cordova, Tenn., let members of the Memphis Islamic Center hold Ramadan prayers there last September. And Aldersgate United Methodist Church in Alexandria, Va., allows the Islamic Circle of North America to hold regular Friday prayers in their building while their new mosque is being built.

Diane Bechtol of Aldersgate says this is something Christians are called to do: Be neighborly and develop relationships – even [with] those who don’t share your beliefs.

“I think it’s a tenet of our Christian faith, and that is that we extend hospitality to the stranger,” said Bechtol.

This is so problematic on so many levels, it’s hard to even know where to begin.

For starters, Islam is not a religion — not in the way that every other major religion conceives of religion. Indeed, New English Review managing editor Rebecca Bynum has written a whole book making that case (Allah Is Dead: Why Islam Is Not a Religion). Regular readers of this blog probably know why: Islam is a totalitarian political ideology that uses religious concepts to secure its adherents’ permanent loyalty, under threat of hell.  That’s not the same thing as a religion, which is a spiritual way of life whose goals are to help adherents draw closer to God, however He is conceived, and to grow in virtue. Islam, by contrast, excuses and often fosters — indeed, sometimes commands — the very opposite of virtue: theft, lying, fraud, rape, slavery, torture, murder, oppression and all manner of cruelty. That’s not what a religion does, be it Christianity, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Taoism, Hinduism or Buddhism.

But leaving that consideration aside, ponder these very practical questions posed on the Epistoli blog:

1. Would Muslims allow Christians to hold services in their mosques? I doubt it. I couldn’t even get into the Mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem last year, [because] I wasn’t a Muslim.

2.  Why are Muslims around the world destroying Christian churches?

3.  Would Democrats allow Republicans to use their campaign offices in the off-shifts during an election campaign?

4.  Didn’t Jesus throw money-changers out of the temple?  And they were only money-changers, not an organization that wants to conquer the world for its own religion and is prepared to destroy those that remain unbelievers.

Then, there’s the problem of who these particular Muslims are affiliated with, and what their agenda is.

Mohamed Elsanousi, who, according to the Fox story, advocates Christian churches sharing their worship spaces with Muslims, is the National Community Outreach Director of none other than the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). You may recognize the ISNA as being one of the villains in the Holy Land Foundation Hamas-funding trial. According to the landmark report Shariah: The Threat to America, in the course of that trial,

thanks to evidence of financial transactions between ISNA and Hamas that the government introduced, along with scores of MB [Muslim Brotherhood] documents, it became clear that the Islamic Society of North America directly supports Hamas and its operations. [emphasis added]

Hamas is, of course, a terrorist offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the “parent organization” of nearly all the Muslim terrorist groups active in the world today except for those founded by Iran. Hamas spells out in its charter its twin goals of the annihilation of Israel and the worldwide enforcement of shariah law. According to documents discovered in an FBI raid in 2004, the Muslim Brotherhood includes more than twenty U.S. Muslim groups as affiliates or “friends” in its goal of “eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within.” ISNA is not only on that list, it is the first group listed! The fact that ISNA is using non-violent methods (oh, except for its funding of Hamas!), as opposed to the blatantly violent methods of al-Qaeda, is no comfort when it shares the same identical goal of destroying our republic and replacing it with shariah.

A man mourns next to a blood-stained painting of Jesus after the bomb attack on a Coptic Christian church in Alexandria, Egypt.

Back to the Aldersgate United Methodist Church, which is allowing the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) to hold Friday prayers in their facility. The ICNA is no better than the ISNA. Here’s what Discover the Networks has to say about the group:

Based in Queens, New York, ICNA’s activities include training camps, study circles, speakers’ forums, night vigils, seminars, and retreats.

ICNA has established a reputation for bringing anti-American radicals to speak at its annual conferences. Moreover, experts have long documented the organization’s ties to Islamic terrorist groups. Yehudit Barsky, a terrorism expert at the American Jewish Committee, has said that ICNA “is composed of members of Jamaat e-Islami, a Pakistani Islamic radical organization similar to the Muslim Brotherhood that helped to establish the Taliban.” (Pakistani newspapers have reported that Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, a leading architect of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, was offered refuge in the home of Jamaat e-Islami’s leader, Ahmed Quddoos.) On September 27, 1997, another Pakistani Islamist leader, Maulana Shafayat Mohamed, played host to an ICNA conference at his Florida-based fundamentalist madrassa (religious school), which served as a recruitment center for Taliban fighters.

In part because of such revelations, ICNA is now under investigation by U.S. authorities for possible connections to terrorist groups. In December 2003, the U.S. Senate Finance Committee requested that the Internal Revenue Service provide detailed information on 25 U.S. Muslim organizations, including ICNA.

In March 1996, U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell stated, “One of the groups with Hamas ties is the Dallas-based Islamic Association for Palestine in North America, which, in turn, apparently is allied with the Islamic Circle of North America in New York.” The New York Daily News reports that ICNA has been “probed by FBI counter-terrorism agents” for “terror ties.”

Terrorism analyst Steven Emerson claims that ICNA has close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, the ideological forebear of all radical Islamic movements — including Hamas and al-Qaeda. Documents show that Hamas officials have participated in previous ICNA events. “The ICNA’s hatred of the Jews is so fierce,” writes Emerson, “that it taunted them with a repetition of what Hitler did to them.” In his book American Jihad, Emerson expounds: “The ICNA openly supports militant Islamic fundamentalist organizations, praises terror attacks, issues incendiary attacks on western values and policies, and supports the imposition of Sharia [Islamic law].”

Attention, Aldersgate United Methodist Church:  You do not need to — indeed, you should not — share your worship space with the Islamic Circle of North America!

Some Christians’ minds are so “open” that their brains are falling out. They’re so eager to congratulate themselves for being “progressive” and “tolerant” that they lose sight of “loving your neighbor” really means. If your neighbor is in the grip of an oppressive, diabolical cult, you are not doing him or her any favors by enabling or encouraging that cult! The truly charitable act would be to tell them about the freedom and peace that Jesus uniquely offers them. I think Mike Huckabee’s got it right on this issue:

“As much as I respect the autonomy of each local church, you just wonder, what are they thinking?”  Huckabee said.

“If the purpose of a church is to push forward the gospel of Jesus Christ, and then you have a Muslim group that says that Jesus Christ and all the people that follow him are a bunch of infidels who should be essentially obliterated, I have a hard time understanding that.

“I mean if a church is nothing more than a facility and a meeting place free for any and all viewpoints, without regard to what it is, then should the church be rented out to show adult movies on the weekend?”

This is not to say that Christians should not show charity in practical ways. From the Fox story:

Dr. Jason Hood, an Evangelical theologian, says there are other ways Christians can share the love of Christ without building a bridge too far. “Caring for Muslim refugees is particularly important,” he says, along with “sharing meals and recreational opportunities.”

We don’t need to wonder “What would Jesus do?”, since the Gospels tell us precisely what He did. The Heartsong and Aldersgate congregations would do well to re-read those passages in the Gospels that describe the way that Jesus showed His mercy toward those who were under the spell of demonic powers. (See for example Mark 5:1-20.) Jesus showed mercy not by being hospitable to demons who were holding precious human beings in bondage! Rather, Jesus did the loving thing by casting the demons out, and thus freeing their human victims from captivity.

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